Learning Space

CHEST Immersion | Learning Space
Continuous learning—
anytime, anywhere.

Learning Space is a flexible online educational system designed to help representatives stay a step ahead.

Your team needs to stay ahead of the curve, but it can be hard to make time for continuous learning.

Learning Space encourages your team to explore the latest healthcare knowledge and patient perspectives at their own pace and on their own terms.

Learning Space is the perfect solution for your busiest sales and marketing professionals. Our ever-expanding library of eLearning modules, interactive games, and webinars will allow your team members to explore the latest healthcare knowledge and patient perspectives—whenever and wherever they need it.

Designed in collaboration with the nation’s leading experts, Learning Space is your team’s opportunity to explore key elements of chest medicine while building their confidence in clinical conversations.

Enable your team to take advantage the most flexible continuous learning solutions available in healthcare. Give them the Learning Space to help them stay ahead.

eLearning Modules

What could be more convenient than short bursts of structured learning available any time of day or night? Our eLearning Modules offer engaging, step-by-step instruction that guides your representatives through key topics, terminology, and techniques in clinical care. Developed by instructional designers in collaboration with leading clinical experts, our interactive courses explore diagnosis, disease management, multidisciplinary team care, and patient experiences through Virtual Patient Tours. At 15–20 minutes each, eLearning Modules provide useful knowledge in bite-sized chunks that can easily fit into anyone’s day.


Bring the leading authorities on the most challenging areas of chest medicine directly to your team through our webinar series. Participants who attend our live webinars can ask CHEST experts tough questions and participate in lively discussion or debate as if they were in the room. Can’t make the scheduled time for live participation? No problem. Every webinar is recorded and can be accessed later, whenever your team has time to watch the video or listen to the audio.


Who says work and play don’t mix? Our online games challenge participants to test their medical knowledge and grow professionally in interactive multimedia contests. With titles like “Air Diver,” “Whack-a-Doc,” and “COPD Jeopardy,” Immersion Games make learning highly technical topics engaging, memorable, and fun. Some of our games even feature leaderboards—perfect motivation for your most competitive team members. At a little over five minutes each, it’s easy to fit a game in during lunch, between meetings, or after work.

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