CHEST Immersion | Encounters
Go hands-on with the
latest in chest medicine.

Want to spark your team’s curiosity and feed their appetite for growth?
Give them fresh fuel for learning with Encounters.

Insights often emerge in unexpected places. That’s why we created Encounters—a series of engaging opportunities for discovery.

Don’t fall into a training rut of lectures, papers, and workshops. Choose Encounters to jumpstart your team’s growth.

Participants can interact with cutting-edge simulations, test-drive the latest medical innovations, compete against each other in live multi-player games, practice clinical care with our innovative patient simulations, or gain critical perspectives through Key Opinion Leader breakout sessions. We even offer cutting-edge Encounters utilizing virtual and augmented reality!

Encounters can be installed at your workplace, your next sales meeting, or at CHEST’s state-of-the-art Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center. Regardless of the venue, your team will be engaged and amazed.

Whether an Encounter is two minutes or two hours, your team will take away new ideas and develop eye‑opening perspectives that will help shape their growth and success. Designed by the nation’s experts in chest medicine, Encounters encourages your team to stay a step ahead.

Live Games

Sometimes a little fun can be just what the doctor ordered. Our live games encourage active learning about key disease states while challenging your team members to practice their skills and knowledge. Whether they choose single-player or team-based games, we will make learning fun and profitable.


Our innovative simulations allow your team to practice clinical procedures and develop new perspectives on diagnosis and treatment. Participants will be asked to go hands on—say, practicing an echocardiogram on a responsive mannequin, or trying to insert a Swan-Ganz catheter. This is learning that feels very real!

KOL Breakouts

Let us bring our experts to you. With our KOL Breakouts, your team will gain key insights by engaging directly with our experts in tailored seminars. They can seek critical feedback about patient care and disease management, while forging strong connections with both physicians and peers in the process.

The Innovation, Simulation, & Training Center

Take advantage of the tools developed at our internationally-accredited Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center. Team members can practice critical care with our medical device simulators or learn the ropes in one of our six replica

Virtual/Augmented Reality

We’re always looking ahead. We’re developing virtual reality and augmented reality simulations that will allow learners to test their knowledge of diagnostics, procedures, and treatments in both digital and physical environments.

Contact us today to discover how we can bring our eye-opening Encounters to your team.